Community Connections
About Community Connections
Community Connections is a small faith-based non-profit working in the St. John neighborhood of east Austin. Our main job is to “build community,” empowering residents to overcome the problems that plague their families and to build a safe, caring and productive neighborhood.
We believe that most of what people need to improve their community is already present in the community. By training and encouraging leaders, and by connecting together the various services already present in St. John, we believe that real change can occur.
We work closely with the schools, health providers, churches, and others who work together as a team to bring about change.
We believe that all cultures should be celebrated, and that racial reconciliation is key to building community.
We welcome partners from outside the neighborhood who wish to work beside residents in a dignified and empowering way. We avoid help that would create dependencies.
We believe that God has a purpose and plan for every man, woman and child in St. John and we work to see that purpose realized.
Community Connections is led by Allen and Julie Weeks, who live in the St. John neighborhood. Allen and Julie both have many years of urban and overseas missionary experience, Allen as a teacher and Julie as a nurse. They have two young children, Ashley and Ryan.